Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 13 - Item 3

From Harper Collins a SIGNED hardback of Palace of the Dammed by Darren Shan

In the third instalment in the creepy, captivating Larten Crepsley series, Larten finds out what it means to love… but is he also damned to find out what it means to lose?
Lost in the arctic waste, carrying a baby whose love he could never deserve, Larten faces the darkest time he has ever known.
But hope has a way of shining through even the smallest of cracks, and just as Larten reaches the end, a new beginning presents itself. The trouble is, for Larten, the violence of his youth is never far from the surface… and those he loves are the ones he hurts the most. As Larten experiences heaven and hell, and tries to save the soul of a child, the question is: can he save his own?

Bidding is open until February 2nd 10PM GMT
Bidding is in POUNDS (£)
Minimum bid is £10


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