Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 5 – Item 2

From Janice Hardy a 100 page critique of a novel!

Janice Hardy is the author of the fantasy trilogy THE HEALING WARS, where healing is dangerous and those with the best intentions often made the worst choices. She lives in Georgia with her husband, three cats and one very nervous freshwater eel. You can visit her online at, chat with her about writing on her blog, The Other Side of the Story (, or find her on Twitter @Janice_Hardy.

From Janice: [my] critique style,  I like to look at a manuscript at both the macro and micro level, offering feedback and suggestions on story and structure issues, as well as line edits and craft issues. I focus a lot on POV, show don't tell, and the goal-conflict-complication scene structure (as these tend to give many writers headaches), but I'm happy to look specifically at any concerns the author has.

Bidding is open until January 24th 10PM GMT
Bidding is in POUNDS (£)
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Bidding is open until January 23rd 9PM GMT

Bidding is in POUNDS (£)


Pk Hrezo said...

Nice! I'll start out with 20.00gbp!

Suze said...

25 pounds :)

Beth said...

30 pounds

Melissa Sugar said...

40 pounds. I had to find a website to convert dollars to pounds, but I am very excited about this item.

Lady Gwen said...

45 pounds!

Dustin Hansen said...

51.4840 pounds! That's 80$ US if that's allowed :)

Glacier said...

Pounds? Seriously no idea, so thanks Dustin. Fifty-five pounds it is.

Dustin Hansen said...

Alright - 60 pounds it is! :P

Melissa Sugar said...

I am glad I checked back. This is going to be a tough one to win, I can see.

My new bid is 70 pounds

Khanada said...

I bid 80 pounds.

-- Amy

Melissa Sugar said...

my new bid is 100 pounds

Melissa Sugar said...

my new bid is 100 pounds

Khanada said...

I bid 110 pounds.

Write Dreams said...

Bidding on this item is now closed.
Congratulations Khanada!

Please donate directly through
click “please donate” (under the header Fundraising)
Forward the paypal receipt or screen print to

Thank you

Janice Hardy said...

Thanks so much for all who bid! Grats Khanada ;)

Khanada said...

Thanks so much - I am very excited! I just have an email in to Write Dreams to make sure I make the donation properly as I am U.S.

I hope Write Dreams raises lots of money for rebuilding. When I told my daughters about what happened, they were horrified that someone could do such a thing.

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