Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 12 - Item 2

From MG author Marissa Burt a 10 page critique of a MG manuscript.

Marissa Burt writes middle grade fantasy and is represented by Laura Langlie of the Laura Langlie Literary Agency. She grew up in Portland, Oregon, and drifted eastward, living in Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, and South Carolina, before coming back home to the Pacific Northwest.  Along the way, she studied Sociology, Ancient Languages, and Theology and clocked hours as a social worker, barista, 5th grade teacher, bookseller, faculty assistant, and reference librarian. But not all at the same time.  Marissa now lives in the Seattle area with her husband and three sons where she enjoys time spent around family, friends, and good books.

Her first novel, STORYBOUND, releases on 4/3/12.

From Marissa: 
“As far as strengths as a critiquer, I think I can offer my personal experience of the writing and revision process as well as being a Faculty Assistant for graduate level coursework. Hopefully this combination will interest some people!”

Bidding is open until January 31st 9.30PM GMT
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Melissa Sugar said...

10 pounds

Write Dreams said...

Bidding on this item is now closed.
Congratulations Melissa Sugar

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Marissa Burt said...

Thanks so much! Looking forward to working with you, Melissa!

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