Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mystery Box

It's... *drumroll*...the Mystery Box auction!

And it’s the mystery boxes of mystery boxes, packed full of amazing donations from
Storytellers Inc, Plackitt & Booth, PanMacmillan & the instigator of Write Dreams; Luna

The full contents of the Mystery Box will remain a mystery until they are revealed to the winner. They comprise various MG/YA books, ARCs & swag (some of which is signed!)
But a few clues wouldn’t go amiss, hence the picture and yes that really is an uncorrected proof of Garth Nix’s A Confusion of Princes ^_-

UK only (outside the UK but still want it? Have a look here for the “Nozomi loophole”)
Bidding is open until January 26th 10PM GMT

minimum bid is £10
Bidding is in POUNDS (£)


A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer said...


Tasha said...


A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer said...


johanna said...

£ 30

Tasha said...


Write Dreams said...

Bidding on this item is now closed.
Congratulations Tasha

Please donate directly through
click “please donate” (under the header Fundraising)
Forward the paypal receipt or screen print to

Thank you

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