Helpful Things / FAQ

Nozomi here, I thought I’d provide some helpful things for all you wonderful bidders.

As Donna’s Dream House is a UK charity all the bidding will be in £’s and set to GMT. To make things easier for everyone, please see below some links to help you figure out what time it where you are and a currency converter.  
We’re planning to time the items so everyone has convenient times to bid, but the admin staff told me they do need to sleep so we’re sticking with GMT. (I did offer cookies!)

The item says UK only but I really REALLY want it?
I don’t blame you. We’ve got some amazing things so I’ve come up with the “Nozomi Loophole”. You can still bid on the item, if you win we will ask the donor to send it to Luna who will repackage it and take it to the post-office to send on to you. Please note that Luna cannot cover the additional postage (she has to pay rent apparently) – she will get the prices for standard and registered post and you can pick which one you’d like. The postage is to be paid to her via paypal and she will send you a receipt from the post office once the item is sent.
For an idea of postage you can have a look at the Royal Mail Website.
Important: The item will not be sent until after payment is received and Luna is not liable for the item if it gets lost

What is GiftAid?
You might receive follow up emails about GiftAid or be asked about it when you send your donation. This applies to UK tax-payers only. The UK government refunds the basic tax rate on the donation, enabling the charity to get more for the £.

If you have further questions please email us: writedreams2012 at gmail dot com