Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 11 - Item 1

From Dan Freedman a signed set of the Jamie Johnson Series

Born to Play
The Kick Off
Shoot to Win
Golden Goal
Man of the Match
World Class

We meet Jamie when he’s 13 in The Kick Off and, in each new book, we follow him on every step of his journey as he aims to fulfil his dream of becoming one of the biggest football stars in the world.

UK only (outside the UK but still want it? Have a look here for the “Nozomi loophole”)
Bidding is open until January 30th 9PM GMT
Bidding is in POUNDS (£)


Luisa Plaja said...


projectfraeya said...


Suze said...

15 pounds

projectfraeya said...


Write Dreams said...

£20 on behalf of Elaine B

Write Dreams said...

Bidding on this item is now closed.
Congratulations Elaine B

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