Who we are

Hannah (call me Luna) lives just a short bus ride from Blackpool in a tiny flat with wonky floors and kitchen ghosts. Having grown up with a bookworm for a mother, it was only a matter of time before the itch passed to her. A writer of YA tales, her stories are as varied as her book collection and the characters have a tendency to keep her up until the early morning hours. 
Donna’s Dream House is very special to Luna. Having lost both parents by the age of 13, she knows how important making memories is to keep you going when all you really want to do is give up.

Marieke is a dreamer, a wanderer, and writer of YA fiction. Her world is filled with stories, and whether literary to fantasy, all her characters have a sprinkling of magic in their lives.
Growing up, Marieke spent a lot of time in hospitals, where she learned just how precious time together is. As such, Donna's Dream House is a charity close to her heart.

Amanda loves all things strange. But that’s okay, she’s pretty strange herself. And she writes for teens, who are strange by nature, so it works well for her. All of her stories comprise strange and SUPERnatural elements. She sees beauty in everything, can’t resist a good photo-op, needs music and doesn’t know how to be serious. As a mother, Amanda has a deep seeded fear of one of her children contracting a terminal illness. She gives monthly to St Jude, mostly because the stories are heart wrenching but a little for the good juju. After hearing about the travesty that occurred at Donna's Dream House she was saddened and sickened and knew she had to help.

(Note: we are in no way affiliated with Donna's Dream House, except in thinking it's an awesome cause that needs a little help right now.)


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