Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 13 - Item 2

From Jen K Bloom a critique of the first three chapters plus a query AND a copy of POSSUM SUMMER

Jen grew up in the middle of the wind-swept plains of Oklahoma & developed her deep love of traveling & animals from exploring the Sooner state river bottoms. She had a possum (and a raccoon) for pets, could mount a horse Native-American style (saddle-less and flat-footed) and once climbed a mountain only to come face to nose with an American Buffalo.
It was a very big buffalo.
She’s lived as far away as Darwin, Australia as a beach bum (camped in Kakadu!) & as close as Virginia as an owner/breeder Azawakh handler but currently calls Berlin, Germany her home. She is and will always remain an Okie, however.
Jen is owned by the Sphynx cats Yoda and Blue, who do not believe in alarm clocks but do believe in incessant meowing, & is the handmaiden of her darling beautiful daughter Loki.
She’s also lucky to have her husband – who is always her first & best beta reader – regularly tear apart her writing!

Princess is a die-hard tomboy growing up in the middle of the Oklahoma plains with only one friend in a thirty-mile radius: her best buddy Mart. Her dad’s off to war and her mama is gone all day working, so she’s in charge of the farm and all the inhabitants living on it for the summer. When she finds an orphan kit in the ragged remains of a possum her dog just killed, she has a real tough decision to make.
Save him against her father’s wishes? Or let him die?
From the moment she looks into his eyes her heart is lost, and she decides to try it – no matter the cost to her. But when Ike the possum’s cover is blown, she struggles to find the power in herself to get past the price he has to pay.
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