Sunday, 25 March 2012

Donna’s Dream House re-opens!

Just a quick note to tell you that Donna’s Dream House has welcomed its first family since the fire. You can read the details here.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Thank you

Here we are, the auctions are closed and the total is in!
We have raised an amazing…
£1073 / $1694
All the money has already been donated to Donna’s Dream House.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated, bid, promoted and cheered us on.
All of you are special, amazing people and thank you so much.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


We’re just sorting through the final bids and will post the total in a little while…

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A little love...

...for our last auctions?

We've extended a few lots until tomorrow:
Tonight we'll be closing these two items:
If you want to help rebuild this... resemble a Dream House again, please do consider bidding :-)

(How's that for pulling heartstrings? ;))

Finally, Melissa Sugar and Johanna, can you email us asap to claim your winning bids? Thank you! :)

We'll update the blog with our total SOON! Thank you all!


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Weekend update!

All the auction lots are all live now! And at the end of today (UK-style) TWO more auction items will go to the highest bidders, so let the bidding wars commence once more! :)

Up for grabs today:
And don't forget tomorrow's items either:
Finally, Fiona Dunbar's signed set of the Lulu Baker trilogy and Luisa Plaja's signed books have both been extended to the 30th! Get your bids in while you still can!

And as always, thank you all for continuing to be SO VERY AWESOME.

Day 13 - Item 4

From Lynn Huggins-Cooper signed copies of Walking with Witches, One Boy's War & Play laugh and learn: Celebrate the Seasons
Eleanor and Izzy are on a trip to Newcastle, visiting the Literary and Philosophical Society library. They see odd shadows and hear ghostly whispering voices - and a book in a glass display case leafs open as they watch. Pages stop fluttering at woodcut of a group of witches hanged on the town moor in 1650. The girls hear a bell ringing and their adventure begins...The friends decide to study the witches for a history project. When witches' bones are unearthed in St. Andrew's graveyard in Newgate Street the girls investigate, and encounter an unearthly dark cloaked figure. As they follow the trail that the accused witches took around Newcastle, the friends fit the pieces of the puzzle together ...and put themselves in danger.

One Boy's War
Sixteen-year-old Sydney is overwhelmed by the excitement of the 1914 recruitment campaigns and the bravado of men leaving for the Great War. Bursting with enthusiasm, he runs away to join up, but soon finds himself a long way from home in a frontline trench where reality - and the rats - begin to bite. Told through Sydney's optimistic letters home and his journal, this is his honest portrayal of the disillusionment and degradation of life and death in the trenches of World War I.

Bidding is open until February 2nd 11PM GMT
Bidding is in POUNDS (£)

Day 13 - Item 3

From Harper Collins a SIGNED hardback of Palace of the Dammed by Darren Shan

In the third instalment in the creepy, captivating Larten Crepsley series, Larten finds out what it means to love… but is he also damned to find out what it means to lose?
Lost in the arctic waste, carrying a baby whose love he could never deserve, Larten faces the darkest time he has ever known.
But hope has a way of shining through even the smallest of cracks, and just as Larten reaches the end, a new beginning presents itself. The trouble is, for Larten, the violence of his youth is never far from the surface… and those he loves are the ones he hurts the most. As Larten experiences heaven and hell, and tries to save the soul of a child, the question is: can he save his own?

Bidding is open until February 2nd 10PM GMT
Bidding is in POUNDS (£)
Minimum bid is £10